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Music Ministry

Come Be a Part of the Choir

With us getting back into the sanctuary, it’s now time to start the choir back.  Our first rehearsal will be October 6.  We will meet each Wednesday from 6:00 until 7:00 PM in the choir room.  We’ll occupy the choir loft each Sunday and prepare specials including a Christmas musical.  

Why start the choir back?  The choir is God’s idea. A great God needs to be praised in great ways, which sometimes means loudly and with lots of “praisers”. Read 2 Chronicles 5:1-14 and 2 Chronicles 15:1-24 for just two of the ways God has indicated that the choir (and the instrumental musicians) should be used in worship. 

The Sanctuary Choir is open to anyone youth age and up.  No prior experience is necessary.  Being able to read music is not a necessity.  We teach you the songs in our rehearsals.  Pray that God will lead you to be a part of the choir ministry and come be one of those “praisers”.

ATTENTION ALL MUSICIANS: We would like to form a praise and worship band. If you like to sing or you’re a guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, drummer, or any other kind of instrumentalist, please come and help us form a praise and worship team. We need you!!!

Because He Lives Hymn Story

1971 – 50th Anniversary

Gloria remembers sitting in their living room in agony and fear on New Year’s Eve. Across the nation, the educational system was being infiltrated with the “God is dead” idea, while drug abuse and racial tension were increasing.  It was about this time that Bill and Gloria discovered that they had a baby on the way. It was wonderful news, yet it also concerned them. Was it really a wise thing to bring a baby into such a world?  It was in the midst of this kind of uncertainty that the assurance of the Lordship of the risen Christ came across their troubled minds.

“Because He Lives” begins with the empty grave on Easter Sunday. Stanza two is about hope, even in uncertain days, because of the singular significance of the Resurrection event. Stanza three takes us to heaven where we will “see the lights of glory and... know [Jesus] reigns.”

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