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April, 2023

March 30, 2023

Moving Forward Together


Our church voted to move forward with sanctuary renovations last month at the recommendation of our renovations committee.  The motion did not pass without objections, but it did pass with an 89% majority (after I was corrected on my math).  Most of the discussion was focused on the process the committee planned to use for the renovation or whether the sanctuary was the right place to start.  I think we can all agree some of our facilities need remodeling and updating.  The committee received these suggestions and plan to address the concerns related to process.  Its going to be a slow process, and they will need congregational input and prayer as particular decisions are made.


I was asked several questions over the past several weeks regarding my opinion on the proposed renovation.  I tried to answer the same every time.  My only concern for this or any other big decision in the life of Emmanuel is that we move forward together.  We know that brotherly love and unity are the two distinguishing marks the Lord said would prove to the world we are His disciples.  There are many areas where Emmanuel may struggle, but love for one another is one of the greatest strengths of our church.  I see this daily in the concern and care you give to one another.  I was a blessed pastor to witness the concern I saw in the members of the committee and those of differing opinions making sure that no matter whether the motion passed or failed, we all understood we were moving forward together.  Please keep our church and the renovations committee in your prayers.  Look for ways to encourage and thank them for all their hard work and prayerful planning.


Making Easter Memories


My memories of Easter as a child are fond ones.  I remember getting up early for sunrise service, putting on our new Easter outfits, going to church and then heading to my grandparents’ house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  Our childhood memories of special days and events can make an impact and begin traditions that will last a lifetime.  This year I want to encourage our families to do all they can to make sure reminders of the passion and resurrection of our Lord are part of their family’s Easter celebration.  Certainly, the activities of the church during this special week will emphasize the meaning and relevance of Easter, but how much more effective would it be to unpack the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord in your family setting.  How can you do this?  

1.       Plan intentionally:  These things will not happen by themselves.  Set aside time and prepare for conversations with your children or grandchildren.

2.       Be creative:  Reading the account of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection from one of the Gospels is the best place to start, but you could also think outside the box.  Remember, you are making memories.  Lead the kids to put on a skit for the extended family (if they gather on Easter) portraying the resurrection and some of Jesus’ post resurrection encounters.  Pick up a set of resurrection eggs from a Christian bookstore to help you tell the story.  Make it fun and memorable.

3.       Pray:  Your family is unique, but the Lord knows the condition of each heart.  Maybe this would be the tool He would use to speak to a child or adult in your family.



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